There are so many reasons we love summer, but the high temperatures are not always one of them! When the sun is high, it may be tempting to stay inside and bask in your shaded, air-conditioned haven—but there are plenty of activities to do to make the most of your summer.

  1. Grab some ice cream
  2. Check out a local arcade
  3. Go ice skating
  4. Take a dip in a pool or lake
  5. Head to a spray ground
  6. Explore a local museum or art gallery
  7. Host an at-home spa day
  8. Visit your local library
  9. Catch a movie
  10. Break out the board games
  11. Host a water balloon fight
  12. Make some fancy cocktails or mocktails
  13. Setup an indoor picnic
  14. Float the river
  15. Head to a nearby water park 
  16. Take an art class
  17. Go bowling or mini golfing
  18. Host an outdoor movie night